Busy Izzy and friends

1,000s of fans among children, their parents, friends and teachers, will be excited to hear the great news!

The Busy Izzy and friends debut album Welcome to Nix & Nax is available to play below, or at all good digital outlets like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play. Click the PDF link above or scroll down to read the media release for Welcome to Nix & Nax from Busy Izzy and friends. Here is the video for the single release and album track titled My 26 BFFs, and after that the album which can be played in full.

Songs featured on the album Sometimes A Friend and Busy Izzy Says won 1st prize in Songs for Children, at the coveted Australian Songwriters Association Awards 2018 & 2017 respectively. Newly Truly won 2nd place in 2018 as well.

Welcome to Nix & Nax

Three Busy Izzy and friends books have been released to date, and the first Busy Izzy and friends album has now arrived.

Successfully pairing playing with learning, the rhythmical, lyrical and music quality of the songs, has been delighting preschool and primary school students for some time. They will already feel very included and welcome at Nix & Nax.

Busy Izzy and her friends gather at Busy Izzy's Nix & Nax shop, to play games and have wholesome fun times making ‘snaxalicious’ snacks, free from nuts, gluten, dairy and sugar.

At home or school in the teaching environment of food preparation and cooking, children learn respect for others, co-operation, tolerance, and the importance of good high quality fresh food, in a healthy diet.

There are ten characters, with Busy Izzy as the central and strong leader figure, who is nurturing, guiding, friendly and helpful. Busy Izzy always knew, exactly what to do!

The album has songs for Busy Izzy, and four characters introduced with music.

Who, What, When, Where, How And Why for Secret-agent Skye, Don't Be Bossy, Bobby and Talkative Tess about themselves, and the little Aussie Terrier puppy Newly Truly, gets a bark in too!

The 2nd album for release March 2020, is already underway. It will have songs for the other five characters; Even Evan, Mathematic Max, Modern Mo Li, Sensible Steven and Worried Warren.

Busy Izzy and friends have visited primary and preschools to perform and meet students.

In school shows thus far, they have played to thousands of happy faces from students and staff at Amity College, Prestons; Beaumont Rd Primary School, Killara; Killara Pre School, Killara; Pacific Hill Primary School, Dural. Shows at schools are ongoing, plans are underway for public shows.

Books and music are given to children to take home from school shows. They can continue to learn along curriculum objective lines - the My 26 BFFs song teaches the alphabet, and it's associated video contains AUSLAN signing too.

Busy Izzy and friends books have also proven popular, and are endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation. They have purchased over 15,000 copies to date.

The WLF generously donates them in their far afield charitable works, to assist and encourage young readers. Busy Izzy books via the WLF have gone to indigenous communities in Australia, and to overseas readers in Uganda and Kenya.

Busy Izzy recently donated hundreds of Busy Izzy and friends book series titles to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, as gifts for the children. The Busy Izzy and friends book series, have also been added to their libraries across Australia.
Busy Izzy and friends
“...'Educational and fun' are the selling points of "Busy Izzy and friends", and this is exactly what it delivers. Told in a rhyming verse, kids will love the excitement and adventure the characters experience; whilst also informing them on a range of topics, from healthy eating to road safety. The pages are filled with colourful illustrations that really pop against the white background, drawing in children's attention...”
- Book of the Week, Kidtown Melbourne
Busy Izzy and Newly Truly

“Busy Izzy is so energetic, vivacious, friendly, and of course…busy! Oh, did I mention super cute too! Absolutely perfect for all kids seeking stories filled with adventure. So nice to have an Australian author creating a book that is perfect for both boys and girls and is so addictive. After hearing the first book my kids were wanting to hear more!”
- Bec Hewitt (Mother of 3 children, successful actor, and voice of Talkative Tess).
Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess

The live shows and book titles have created a growing fan base, ready and eagerly awaiting this new debut album from Busy Izzy and friends.

They'll doubtless be thrilled with the fantastic Welcome to Nix & Nax album, featuring young singers having fun, and unreleased award winning songs.

It was only a few years ago Roxanne Kiely first saw the need children and parents had, for child-friendly uplifting and plot-driven picture books. She decided to write them, featuring fun-loving characters and stories.

Busy Izzy came into being!

The concepts and ideas progressed further, as the multifaceted creative works formed into edutainment for children age 4 to 8 in books and songs. A fun learning experience in literary, music and lyrical forms.

It’s easy to see why Busy Izzy keeps busy being very helpful, all the time!

“Not only did the books do well in complementing our English learning outcomes, but also integrated beautifully with our key learning areas such as the creative arts, PDHPE content, interpersonal relationship skills and communication.”
- Nazile Bright, Head Teacher Junior School, Amity College, Prestons NSW

NB: Ms Bright reports, she happily used Busy Izzy recipe ingredients and measures, in maths and science lessons!

My 26 BFFs
Character names were devised to help reach children with communication and social interaction difficulty from any one of: anxiety, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Obsessive compulsive behaviour (OCD), Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

As a renowned, respected vocal coach and composer, with many award winning students and successes like Delta Goodrem, Roxanne Kiely has imbued much of her invaluable experience, with Creative Director Stephen Kiely, in Busy Izzy’s creation as she explains:

"Fear of public speaking, singing and performing are the most common phobias our students face. Stephen and I have taught and still teach many students who have anxiety and ADHD, among other conditions. Subconsciously I may have drawn from our students’ variety of conditions and circumstances when creating the Busy Izzy characters, who also experience ADHD, bullying, gender politics and even the fear of odd numbers, which are addressed in a positive and supportive manner in the series. It is also through our careers at ScoopFX Music that Stephen and I have been able to write and produce all the songs for the series. We’ve found that music, particularly playful rhythms and rhymes, helps children develop their reading and learning skills."
- Busy Izzy Creator & Author Roxanne Kiely

Busy Izzy's fame has spread far and wide. Creator of Busy Izzy and friends, Roxanne Kiely with co-writer / producer Stephen Kiely, were thrilled to accept an invitation to present Busy Izzy at the Islamia Primary School, Queen's Park, London in 2018. It was a great success.

Busy Izzy and friends books, live shows and music have given Busy Izzy notability with children, families and teachers.

The release of the debut Welcome to Nix & Nax album, is Busy Izzy and friends taking another step on the world stage. TV show? Please standby.

The two singles from the allbum are; Sometimes A Friend and My 26 BFFs.

More from Busy Izzy and friends soon!
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